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Here is a wonderful letter:

“Years ago, I saw Terry Levy and Michael Orlans at the ATTACh conference in Greenville, S.C. It was my first conference. I had done some reading on the concept of attachment and, after doing some complicated cases for years with children in foster care, I knew I was missing something.
So, I spent a day and a half listening to them. I then stalked Michael and Terry with my boss, and we convinced them to let us buy them dinner. That experience transformed my practice.
At the time, I supervised 30 clinicians, and the Levy/Orlans books became mandatory reading. If the employee could not explain the concepts after reading the material, they did not pass go.

“I have gone on to have my own practice and now make many presentations of my own. I just want everyone to know what a tremendous influence Terry Levy and Michael Orleans have had on so many of us — and the gratitude I have in finding such skilled pioneers to provide leadership in the field of trauma and attachment therapy.”

— Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW