Terry Levy, Ph.D., B.C.F.E. is an internationally respected teacher, trainer and clinician with an expertise in the treatment of trauma and attachment disorders in children, teens, adults and couples. Throughout the year, he offers professional training for mental health and social service professionals from his home base at the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center in Evergreen, Colo.; and at seminars hosted across the United States and around the world.

Professional training provided by Dr. Levy aims to help professionals learn concepts and develop skills that facilitate positive change in their clients. Training covers effective assessment and therapeutic techniques for children, families, adults and couples and is based on the latest research in neurobiology, trauma, attachment therapy and resilience.

Dr. Levy teaching in Japan


Training at your location

Dr. Levy regularly travels to mental health centers, schools and social-service facilities to provide staff training, consultation and supervision. Please contact us to discuss the details of your on-site training needs, or apply for training online. Some agencies schedule on-site consultation in conjunction with hosting events that can advance knowledge and strengthen mental-health networks in their communities. Dr. Levy is always pleased to provide community-based training and public education.

Free resource for therapists: Life Script

Mental healthcare providers might benefit from having a copy of Life Script, a questionnaire developed by Evergreen Psychotherapy Center founders to help therapists and their clients start discussions about family-of-origin issues. Dr. Levy invites you to contact him with questions about Life Script — and training opportunities through Evergreen Psychotherapy Center.