Attachment, Trauma and Healing (2nd Edition)


Combining our understanding of attachment, trauma, child development, family systems, and neurobiology enables us to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment and parent training that links mind, body and relationships.  Psychotherapy with children and adults who have experienced interpersonal trauma focuses on changing brain structure and function—rewiring the limbic brain—in addition to mental, emotional and social changes.
Since the publication of Attachment, Therapy, and Healing in 1998, we have worked with thousands of children, adults, couples, and families in our treatment programs, as well as thousands of mental health, social service, school system, and allied professionals in training programs.  We constantly strive to make treatment and training programs more effective and compatible with the latest research findings and advances in the field.

Healing Parents: Helping Wounded Children Learn to Trust and Love


Learn to change the dynamics in the relationship with your child through the development of secure attachments. Healing Parents gives parents and/or caregivers the information, tools, support, self-awareness and hope they need to help a wounded child heal emotional wounds and improve behaviorally, socially, and morally. This book is a toolbox filled with practical strategies and research that will help parents and/or caregivers understand their child, learn to respond in a constructive way and create a healthy environment.

DVD: Trauma & Attachment-Focused Therapy


The objectives of this series:
  • Define the psychological, social, cognitive, and biological aspects of trauma and attachment disorder.
  • Utilize effective individual and relationship-based assessment tools and methods.
  • Describe skill-based and experiential techniques to improve emotional dysregulation, core beliefs, brain wiring and biochemistry, PTSD symptoms, and relationship patterns.
  • Implement Attachment Communication Training to foster effective communication, conflict-management, and secure attachment.
  • Explain how traumatized and resistant individuals can achieve positive personal and relationship goals, including posttraumatic growth.
  • Create secure and fulfilling relationships by facilitating limbic resonance and attachment security.