Attachment, Trauma and Healing (2nd Edition)


Combining our understanding of attachment, trauma, child development, family systems, and neurobiology enables us to provide a comprehensive approach to treatment and parent training that links mind, body and relationships. Psychotherapy with children and adults who have experienced interpersonal trauma focuses on changing brain structure and function—rewiring the limbic brain—in addition to mental, emotional and social changes.
Since the original publication of Attachment, Therapy, and Healing in 1998, we have worked with thousands of children, adults, couples, and families in our treatment programs, as well as thousands of mental health, social service, school system, and allied professionals in training programs. An updated second edition covering recent advances in research and treatment was published in 2014.


Attachment, Trauma and Healing, originally published in 1998 and published in its second edition in 2014, has been a bestseller since its release, serving as the go-to guide for mental health and social service professionals.

Table of Contents:

Historical Perspective
Roots of Attachment
Personal and Social Competencies: The Attachment Foundation
Disrupted Attachment
Corrective Attachment Therapy: Basic Theoretical and Treatment Issues
Corrective Attachment Therapy: Methods and Interventions
Corrective Attachment Therapy: The Family System
Adult and Couple Attachment
Intensive Outpatient Psychotherapy
Corrective Attachment Parenting
Foster Care, Adoption, and the Child Welfare System



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