IOP fee schedule & terms

A breakdown of fees for our Two-week Intensive Outpatient Therapy program and how we accept payment:

  1. Application fee for Children/Family and Adult/Couple Therapy (applied towards treatment if accepted into our program): $250
  2. Clinical fee (for therapy delivered by a team of psychotherapists): $17,500
    Please note:  A 50 percent non-refundable deposit is due when scheduling treatment. The remaining balance of 50 percent is due on the first day of treatment.
  3. Transportation to the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center and lodging in Colorado are not included.
  4. A word about insurance: Insurance is billed out-of-network. We do not guarantee payment by any insurance company or third party, and we are not responsible for such negotiations. Insurance coverage varies for our Intensive Outpatient Psychotherapy program (IOP). If your carrier refuses coverage, you can initiate an appeals process.
  • Talk to someone in a position of responsibility with your insurance company, and explain what services you are requesting.
  • Determine the amount your insurer is willing to pay.
  • Request the agreement in writing, if possible.

The following are the responsibilities of the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center:

  • We will explain our treatment program to your insurance company, if necessary.
  • We will bill at the completion of therapy according to your insurer’s instructions.
  • We will provide you with a receipt for services provided.