Join attachment experts Dr. Terry Levy and Dr. Diane Poole Heller for a FREE 90-minute seminar covering the essential skills for attachment parenting.

Wednesday, July 17
2 p.m. (MT)

Together, Drs Heller and Levy will explore the principles of attachment-informed parenting––including practical skills and strategies to better understand your child, respond constructively to their needs, and create a nurturing and healing environment.

As a special thank-you for registering, you’ll also receive Dr. Levy’s Children’s Behavioral Symptom Checklist—a valuable tool (complete with glossary) for identifying areas where a child may need extra support.

This free training is a perfect starting point for parents (including foster/adoptive, step- or prospective parents), caregivers, and clinical professionals seeking information, tools, support, self-awareness, and hope they need to help children heal from their emotional wounds.

This free session will also introduce participants to opportunities for further learning.