Every so often, we provide internship opportunities to graduate students at the University of Colorado – Denver. Please contact us for more information.

Praise for internship training at the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center & Training Institute:

“I am a graduate student nearing the completion of a one-year internship at the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center. I have learned more from Dr. Levy and Mr. Orlans in the past year than I have in my academic coursework. My experience here has taught me about the importance of the therapeutic relationship and the incredible significance of the first years of human life.”

“The Corrective Attachment Therapy practiced at the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center makes so much sense. I have seen the work done here change many lives over the past year. I am amazed each time at the healing that takes place in two weeks. Dr. Levy and Mr. Orlans are incredible therapists and individuals, and they are truly the best at what they do. I feel blessed to have had them as my mentors.”

“In the time I’ve spent as an intern at EPC/ATTI, I have learned more about the depth and breadth of human suffering, the effects of such pain and the ways people are led to healing than in all my other training opportunities combined. Dr. Levy and Mr. Orlans have raised my standard for therapy services and taught me immeasurably about human spirit and this cutting-edge approach. It is among the greatest of privileges to work with this team.”

“‘Thank you’ cannot begin to express what I would like to tell you about this experience. I have so admired your work for a long time… and have been inspired by what you do. That I had the opportunity to witness your work firsthand, and even be able also to participate, was a great honor. I have learned so much in this time with you and I’m so sad to see the Internship come to a close.”