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Families, adults and couples

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Therapy for attachment-related trauma.


For parents, caregivers and professionals 


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Seminal guides on attachment, trauma and healing for mental health and social service professionals as well as parents and caregivers authored by Dr. Terry Levy and Michael Orlans.

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Family Therapy

Parents often tell us traditional psychotherapeutic approaches have not been effective with their severely attachment-disordered children, who lack the trust and ability to form a working alliance basic to success in therapy. Our family-systems approach and use of Corrective Attachment Therapy focus on assessing and changing relationship patterns and creating positive change within families.


Adult & Couples Therapy

Though there are many similarities in the human experience, we all have unique qualities and problems. In our work with adults, we assist individuals and couples to become aware of past losses, incompletions and repetitive destructive patterns in their lives. We then provide opportunities to integrate and heal these roadblocks to growth and happiness.

Counseling Services

For more than 30 years, our practice has provided outpatient therapy to the people of Evergreen and surrounding Colorado communities. Our team offers outpatient therapy in individual and group settings.

Our services help adults, couples, children and families. We are experts in treating substance abuse, trauma, school issues, parenting, problem solving, anxiety, depression and family issues — especially in blended families.

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Books & CD's

Dr. Terry Levy, with late research partner Michael Orlans, has authored among the most respected works exploring theory, assessment and therapy for children, couples and families where lives are touched by attachment difficulties and trauma.

Life Script

This questionnaire, which Dr. Levy teamed with the late Michael Orlans to develop, is an excellent tool for starting discussions about family-of-origin issues. Clients and their therapists should complete it together.

Video Center

Watch Dr. Levy’s training seminars for parents, caregivers, educators and mental health and child welfare professionals who support children struggling with trauma and attachment. Consider scheduling a training session for your group or organization.

Intensive Outpatient Program

World-recognized psychologists Terry Levy and Michael Orlans originally developed this treatment format to provide help for children and families needing specialized services unavailable where they live. For more than 30 years, families and couples have traveled to Evergreen from every region of the United States and from other countries to receive therapy for attachment-related trauma.

Intensive Virtual Programs

For families who are not able to come to our Attachment Treatment & Training Institute in Evergreen, CO, most aspects of the in-person IOP are also available using telehealth tools. The program’s scheduling and format are tailored to individual realities and client needs. Contact info@evergreenpsychotherapycenter.com for more information. 


Terry Levy, Ph.D., B.C.F.E. is an internationally respected teacher, trainer and clinician with 50 years of expertise in the treatment of trauma and attachment disorders in children, teens, adults and couples. As well as working with families and individuals at his home base in Evergreen, Co, Dr. Levy provides professional training for mental health and social service professionals across the United States and around the world.


You will learn effective assessment and therapeutic techniques to help children, adults, couples and families, based on the latest research and clinical advancements in trauma and attachment therapy, family systems therapy, neurobiology, and post-traumatic growth. Learn more

2-week intensive training

Clinical training happens in conjunction with our two-week Intensive Outpatient Program, during which we provide Corrective Attachment Therapy and/or Corrective Attachment Parenting therapy. The primary goal is to help therapists in all stages of their career learn theory, assessment and therapeutic interventions through direct observation of an actual case involving a child and family, individual adult or couple. Learn more

On-site training

Dr. Levy regularly travels to mental health centers, schools and social-service facilities to provide staff training, consultation and supervision.

Please contact us to discuss the details of your on-site training needs, or apply for training online.

Some agencies schedule on-site consultation in conjunction with hosting events that can advance knowledge and strengthen mental-health networks in their communities. Dr. Levy is always pleased to provide community-based training and public education. Learn more


We regularly provide internship placements from graduate schools, such as the University of Colorado, University of Denver, Regis University, Colorado Christian University, University of Northern Colorado and other national programs. Learn more

Apply for training

Please contact us to discuss the details of your staff training needs. Or fill out our online application form. Learn more

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7 Functions of Secure Attachment

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Four styles of adult attachment

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Practice the 10 Cs of parenting

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“We have become much closer as a family. We hope everyone back in Evergreen is doing well. It still amazes me when I think back and realize how far we have come. Thank you for all you have done for us.”

Evergreen Client

“I just want everyone to know what a tremendous influence Terry Levy and Michael Orlans have had on so many of us — and the gratitude I have in finding such skilled pioneers to provide leadership in the field of trauma and attachment therapy.”

Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW

“ Reaching out to Evergreen Psychotherapy Center was the best decision we ever made for our family. They were the first ones to recognize the problem and were the first to be able to treat it.”

Evergreen Client