We are always pleased to share the successes of our previous clients. We do so to help others  understand there is hope — and that we at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center stand ready to help.

This is what one couple who adopted two children had to say about their experience in intensive therapy here at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center:

“We have two adopted children and both have experienced a degree of attachment disorder, moderate for our daughter and quite severe for our son. After 10 years trying every conceivable psychotherapy, we turned to Evergreen Psychotherapy Center. It was the best decision we ever made for our family. They were the first ones to recognize the problem and were the first to be able to treat it. Their program was dramatic, as were the results. We immediately began to share a bond of love and security, as well as a mutual respect. It still takes hard work, but it is now working with our children, not against them. This program should be required for all adoptive parents. The staff at Evergreen was warm, caring and profoundly professional and therapeutic. They have continued to guide us through this process, with telephone calls and letters long after the two-week session ended. If we could, we would nominate them for the Nobel Peace Prize!”