We are always pleased to share the successes of our previous clients. We do so to help others  understand there is hope — and that we at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center stand ready to help.

This is what a family had to say about their therapy:

Mom: “I was in a place of real doom before I came here. I felt like I can’t survive living like this. I feel totally different now. I know I’m going to survive. I felt that I have this evil child who was going to terrorize us for the rest of our lives. I now know that this isn’t true. It’s unbelievably freeing. We can handle this. We are connected on a much deeper level in our marriage. We are a real team now. It’s good for our marriage. We have the confidence and skills now. It was a long two weeks yet it goes quickly. We are getting our life back. She was running our lives emotionally and physically. No more, it’s such a different atmosphere.”

Dad: “The lights don’t come on until you look in the rear view mirror. Now I understand why you worked with us. I thought I couldn’t afford this and found that I couldn’t afford not to. Now I have the tools to get the job done. I can’t believe what this experience has done for us. It has meant a lot to me to feel how much you all care about people and care about us. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you giving me my family back. I want to thank you for being so committed to families to do what you do. I can see positive changes in us all. I am so grateful. Thanks very much.”

10-year-old child: “I feel at first I didn’t want to come out and do this because I felt I didn’t have a problem. Then when I came out here I realized I did have a problem, and you guys have really helped me deal with the losses in my family, and I am really grateful for that. I’m very grateful that you, I feel, have brought my Mom and me close again, and now instead of being angry and tired all the time, I’m willing to open up and let love in my life. I’m really grateful for your help because you healed my pain, and me and my Mom can talk now without fighting. Thank you so much.”