Dr. Levy is headed to Japan soon to do a series of presentations and trainings on attachment and trauma, reinforcing that Evergreen Psychotherapy is considered a world-renowned expert resource in the growing and important study of attachment theory.

The seminars will take place from Oct. 21-Nov. 4 and the first presentation will be a three-day seminar sponsored by Meiji University in Tokyo that will focus on Corrective Attachment Therapy. After that will be a two-day seminar in Ina City, Negano Prefecture, where Dr. Levy will teach Corrective Attachment Therapy and Corrective Attachment Parenting. Then Dr. Levy will move on to Dr. Batt Memorial Residential Children’s Center in Tama, Tokyo, where he will give a two-day seminar on Trauma and Attachment Therapy for the staff there.

But Dr. Levy won’t just be giving presentations in Japan. He will also be supervising and reviewing the work of an Attachment Study Group made up of mental health and child welfare professionals who participated in prior training with Dr. Leavy and Mr. Orlans in Japan an in Evergreen, Colo. The last seminar in Sapporo Hokkaido.

Dr. Sumi Hennessy is the training manager and translator that serves as the conduit between American and Japanese professionals.

Dr. Levy and Mr. Orlans have visited Japan every two years for the last 10 years to teach concepts and skills of treatment and parenting to mental health and child welfare professionals there. These visits are part of an exchange in which every summer a group from Japan studies at the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center.

The purpose of this training this year is to teach Japanese mental health workers, educators, and foster parents how to understand and help children and families who suffer from trauma and attachment-related problems.