After several years of collaboration with mental health and child welfare professionals in Japan, we are pleased to announce the opening in Tokyo of the Attachment Treatment and Training Institute (ATTI) of Japan.

For years, Evergreen Psychotherapy Center’s relationships with therapists in Japan have yielded exciting advancements in the delivery of mental healthcare in that country and right here in Colorado. Take, for example, Evergreen co-founder Terry Levy’s work with Japanese families and therapists so far this year. In March, he provided family therapy for two families who traveled from Japan with their therapists. Their work together helped train the Japanese therapists — and also therapists from Colorado. In April, Dr. Levy traveled to Tokyo to provide therapy for two more families and training and supervision for Japanese therapists.

At the new center in Tokyo, Dr. Levy will provide ongoing training and supervision of therapists who, in turn, will provide therapy to families in Japan. The new center also will provide educational seminars in surrounding communities using a therapeutic model Dr. Levy and his late partner in the practice, Evergreen co-founder and internationally recognized psychologist Michael Orlans, developed.

If you would like to learn more about the new Attachment Treatment and Training Institute of Japan or about how you could bring more specialized professional training to therapists near your home, please contact us.