For a series of live 2-hour seminars designed to provide mental and behavioral health professionals with practical techniques and effective interventions for working with couples.

September 21 & 28 and October 3
4 p.m. ET / 2 p.m. MT

*Register by September 20th


People often struggle in relationships because they keep repeating unresolved attachment patterns––leading to disagreements, detachment and defensiveness that quickly escalate into conflict.

But conflict doesn’t just affect the people directly involved… Its ripple effect touches everyone around them. 

And for therapists trying to help, that’s especially challenging, as they too can become caught up in complex emotions and less productive behaviors.

These challenges––countertransference, compassion fatigue, burnout––are widely recognized concerns in the therapeutic profession.  So, what can we do about these issues?

Dr. Diane Poole Heller and Dr. Terry Levy share the conviction that our focus should be on nurturing health and well-being (for ourselves and our clients) using a strengths-based approach rather than concentrating on pathology.

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to move beyond the theoretical and integrate practical, actionable tools and techniques into clinical practice.

Dr. Levy’s work in Attachment Communication Training (ACT) does just that. 

ACT isn’t just a method––it’s a transformative process tailored to resolve conflict and facilitate constructive communication in any relationship, whether it’s a spouse, partner, parent-child, sibling, or even work colleague.

As a psychotherapist, trainer, supervisor, author and consultant, Dr. Levy has used his six-step ACT framework to guide thousands of individuals, couples and families—as well as therapists—to strengthen connection, repair misattunement and manage conflicts with greater confidence.

Seeing how powerful ACT can be in real-world situations, Dr. Levy and Dr. Heller are excited to introduce a new, 4-session LIVE training, From Conflict to Connection: Attachment Communication Training. 

Enrollment is now open––the first session begins September 21, 2023.

JOIN NOW – Just $167 

In four LIVE two-hour sessions, Dr. Levy will personally guide students through his powerful attachment-based framework using real client demos… pausing to explain his approach and techniques every step of the way… so you learn new skills and exercises that transform the therapeutic relationship.

This practical demonstration-based training equips both you and your clients with lasting communication skills to be able to articulate needs clearly, listen (and respond) empathetically, become more attuned to non-verbal communication––and resolve disagreements more constructively.