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This article is adapted from therapymastermindcircle.com courtesy of Diane Poole Heller.

Every Family Has its Struggles and yet, struggling families often feel alone in their pain. Whether we’re navigating common parenting issues (like defiance), grappling with trauma, trying to manage an out-of-control child, or finding it hard to connect and create closeness, worry and doubt can take over.

Why is our child so troubled? Why don’t they seem to feel—or reciprocate—our love? Why can’t we reach them no matter what we do? And what kind of person will they become if they continue on this path?

In these situations, it can be incredibly challenging to seek support. Shame, fear and frustration can keep us from getting the help we need.

You are not alone

Right now, countless families are facing difficulties with their relationship dynamics. Stress, uncertainty and continued isolation have magnified (and exacerbated) existing issues, making them impossible to ignore.

When a child’s struggles go unaddressed, their threat response becomes activated continually, causing a fundamental change in the developing brain. Fear, anger, and isolation become the new baseline, resulting in compromised attachment, an inability to trust others, avoidance or numbing behaviors and a lack of empathy.

The need for healing is immense but we often don’t know how to get there. If you’re a parent, you are undoubtedly doing the best you can. But chances are, you’re making a lot up as you go. You weren’t trained for this. If you’re a therapist—even with extensive experience—you may need more support to unravel the role of attachment wounds in the complexities of family system dynamics, so you can guide both child and caregivers towards healing.

Fortunately, there is hope

With the right tools, knowledge and interventions, it’s possible to end the turmoil and develop security, trust and a deeper connection in any family. That’s why I hope you’ll join me for this very special Masterclass with Dr. Terry Levy, one of the most respected child and family therapists in the world.

Drawing from his 40+ years of experience, Dr. Levy will share insights and strategies to show you how to overcome the toughest challenges of working with distressed families. Together, we’ll explore how an experiential, whole-family approach to therapy can restore secure attachment and allow for true connection.

With new strategies and deeper understanding, we can repair wounds, break through emotional barriers and create the loving relationships we deserve.


This free class is a must-attend If

You work with children and families directly and would like to better understand the role of attachment in children’s trauma, behavior and family system dynamics. You (or someone you know) have unsuccessfully tried to address a child’s behavior and aren’t sure how to get help. You’d like to gain a better understanding of trauma’s effects on a child’s brain and how experiential therapy and family relationships can be vehicles for change and healing. As a therapist, you want to be more informed on trauma in families and children and get strategies to help clients recover, restore secure attachment, and create loving, connected relationships.

In this FREE, 90-Minute Live Class, You’ll Learn:

  • Why family relationships are key to healing a child’s trauma
  • How attachment affects the community
  • When experiential therapy can make a powerful difference

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