We are always pleased to share the successes of our previous clients. We do so to help others  understand there is hope — and that we at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center stand ready to help.

This is what a family had to say about their therapy:

Father: “Thank you for the experience we have had in Evergreen. We feel like (and I feel) like we have a new beginning as a family and individuals. I feel like I am free from the learned feelings and behavior of my childhood and can now go forward on this new course which will help Jessica to adopt healthy actions, feelings and thoughts. My own feelings and thoughts are much more healthy and I can separate my feelings from those around me. Thank you again for all your work.”

Mother: “It’s hard to know how to express the gratitude that we feel. I never thought so much could change in just a few short weeks! You do fabulous work here, I have personally felt the difference and thank you for your part in our therapy. I appreciate your enthusiasm and optimism and your sincere interest and concern during the past few weeks. Jessica asked us tonight if you could come to visit us. I think she’s felt ‘attached’ to you, she’s felt your real caring and I appreciate that. I feel hope and confidence that I’ve never had before. Please know how grateful I feel for your part in this. God bless you always.”

Daughter: “I don’t know what I’d have done without all your help. Thank you.”