Dr. Levy recently arrived back from Japan where he put on a series of seminars and reviewed and supervised the work of an attachment study group. His visit was so meaningful to those mental health workers in Japan, one of them, Akiko Hisa, wrote Dr. Levy on our Facebook page:

“Dear: Dr. Levy,

Hello, my name is Ako, I was attending at the 2-day workshop in Ina, Nagano Prefecture.

I just wanted to express myself to let you know how joyful and fortunate I was to join your program.

As I mentioned at the end of your workshop, structures of Japanese families has been drastically changing in the past few decades.

Though many Japanese still want to believe that a old-fashioned, patriarchal family style should be the way to go, in reality, the form of Japanese families are becoming more and more diverse, just like the US.

I do believe in “attachment” (Yeah, forget about Dr. Spock). Attachment is really the key to solve many of our family issues in Japan. Our society desperately needs a new language to communicate each other in a family setting. And your workshop was truly eye-opening and fascinating. They were very up-to-date, practical and hands-on methods that anybody can apply. I myself became very hopeful to overcome my own family issues after learning all the techniques. Yes, I want to be a warrior too.

So! thank you so so much for bringing all the great insights to Japan. Your energy really brightened all of our souls (including letting us listen “stayin’ alive”, haha)!

I hope someday I can visit you in Colorado. Thank you again for your visit to Ina.

Best regards,