Since late June, Evergreen Psychotherapy co-founder Dr. Terry Levy has been on a whirlwind tour of Japan, sharing his expertise on attachment and trauma through a series of seminars and workshops with mental health professionals, child welfare workers and foster parents. 

Working closely with a local practitioner and translator, Dr. Levy led trainings in Tokyo; Sendai, a city northeast of Tokyo; Osaka, a port city southwest of Tokyo; and Nagoya, home of Japan’s automotive industry. 

Dr. Levy’s trip is part of Evergreen’s long-standing relationship with Japan. For nearly two decades, Dr. Levy has been traveling across the Pacific to teach the treatment concepts and skills of attachment theory. Most summers, a group from Japan also comes to Colorado to study at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center. In 2017, Dr. Levy helped found the Attachment Treatment and Training Institute of Tokyo. 

Communication skills workshop in Sendei.

According to Dr. Levy, Japanese audiences have been extremely receptive to the study of attachment theory and treatment as a way of coping with rapid changes in society and family structures. 

“Over the last 20 years, the Japanese have made vast changes to their approach to mental healthcare,” explained Dr. Levy. “There is a growing interest in understanding family relationships and dynamics and how effective communication can help children and families that suffer from trauma and attachment-related problems.”

In each city, small and large groups have welcomed Dr. Levy’s insights. “It’s gratifying to see how much work we are able to accomplish with these groups in a fairly short period of time because they are so committed to learning our methodologies and practices,” he said. 

To learn more about Dr. Levy’s work and the trainings he provides more close to home contact Evergreen Psychotherapy Center.

The Sendei seminar group.


*The top photo depicts a training group in Nagoya.