After more than 10 months of pandemic down time, Dr. Terry Levy is pleased to return to sharing his four decades of expertise with professionals, caregivers and parents committed to raising and healing children who have suffered trauma or neglect.

Sponsored by the Child Welfare League of America, Dr. Levy is offering a series of webinars on Attachment and Trauma throughout February. If you are a social service, mental health, school, medical, legal or administrative professional, or you are a caregiver or parent of a child who has suffered trauma, join Dr. Levy during these four, two-hour training sessions.

Healing Children/ Healthy Caregivers


February 4, 11, 18 & 25

1 pm – 3 pm (EST)

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Attachment is the deep and enduring connection that children and caregivers establish early in life. Attachment influences the developing child’s brain, emotions, behavior, relationships, worldview, and morality, and is linked to psychological, social, and physical health through the lifespan.

Children typically experience compromised attachment due to abuse, neglect, abandonment, instability, and multiple moves and caregivers (e.g., changes in family foster homes). With COVID-19 many children, parents and caregivers, are struggling with additional anxiety, stress and trauma in their families, communities, and schools.

The role of parent/caregiver is challenging, particularly with children who have special needs and a history of trauma. Children can be anxious, depressed, angry, mistrustful, and “push your buttons.” To be a “healing parent” you need information, skills, support, self-awareness, confidence, and hope. To be a positive role model and mentor, you must practice self-care and effectively manage stress.

This training is appropriate for social services, mental health, school, medical, legal and administrative professionals, and for caregivers and parents (biological, adoptive, and foster).

4 Sessions

The following topics are covered during four (4) two-hour individual training sessions:

  • Session 1: Understanding attachment and trauma.
  • Session 2: Positive parenting/caregiving concepts and skills.
  • Session 3: Self-care practices for parents, caregivers, and helping agents, to avoid burn-out and maintain health (mind-body-spirit).
  • Session 4: Issues and solutions for children, adults, families, schools, and communities dealing with the adversity and hardships of COVID-19.Content goes here

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